Leap Year: What Are You Doing With The Extra Day


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Occurring once every four years, Leap Year provides an extra day in the year to achieve more as an individual. It gives the opportunity to do something extra special be it for one’s self, a family member, colleague or one’s partner.

Someone might like to see it as an extra day to labor at work or an extra day to go through a tedious routine but I prefer to see it as an extra day to rediscover and improve myself. With the labor market getting more competitive every second, one has to strive to adapt and engage in Life Long Learning to be abreast with changing times.

A Leap Year provides that opportunity with an extra day being the 29th day of the month February to enhance your skills and acquire more. Most of us have weaknesses that might interfere with our career success in the long term. If you recognize something as a weakness and see that it can hold you back, you may want to try to strengthen that skill.

Contrary to whatever one might believe in, the fact remains that “What you need to have a breakthrough is in the library”. Libraries worldwide are consuming spaces and harbor tons of information, yet no one seems to be using them. With the development of technologies, these resources are made available to everyone, anywhere around the world. Open Education Resources (OERs), Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) boast thousands of information and skills to be learnt. From handyman’s job of plumbing to Office based Business Intelligence to Industry Software engineers to basic skills such as Public Speaking, there are tons of information to be accessed and most of them are for free to or at unbelievable low prices.

Why not go that extra day this leap year and take up any course of your choice and enhance your skill set.

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