Be A Small-Scale Smartphone Philanthropist With These Apps


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We all want to donate to charity. But we claim to be short of money and time. Well, look no further, with these apps; you can be a Smartphone Philanthropist without having to worry about neither time nor money.

Donate a Photo: You’re already taking and sharing a ton of photos. Put them to work: Johnson & Johnson donates $1 to a cause for every photo you take with the app. Selfies will save the world.

Feedie: If you’re the kind of person who Instagrams dishes from trendy restaurants, Feedie is a free app that makes your snaps count. Feedie lets restaurants exchange donations for social media love. For each photo shared via Feedie, participating restaurants will make a donation to The Lunchbox Fund, a non-profit organization that provides meals to schoolchildren in South Africa.

Instead: Guilt is a great motivator. This app reminds you that a) the little things we waste money on add up, and b) that money could be put to better use. It’s like the politically correct, actionable version of your mom telling you to finish your food because of kids that do not have food.

Charity Miles: Make your workouts count with Charity Miles (Android and iOS), a free app that rewards the charity of your choice for every mile you walk, run or bike. Charity Miles is sort of like a walk/run/bike-a-thon. Corporate sponsors pledge up to $0.25 for each mile you log in the app.

Charity Tap: For when you want to make a difference one tap at a time, Charity Tap (iOS) is a free app that makes donating into a game. Well, sort of a game. Similar to FreeRice but much simpler, Charity Tap donates a single grain of rice each time you tap the bowl on the screen. The app relies on revenue from the ads you’ll see during your tapping frenzy to support the World Food Programme.

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